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The seamier side of Generation X

I'm Cuervo! I'm Jim Beam! I'm Absolut!

Here, you'll find my Generation X fanfiction, as well as a few X-Men pieces. Basically, you can count on anything I'll ever write that's comic-related ending up here.

And why are there only pictures of Angelo, even though this is a "Gen X" fic page? I think you know the reason for that. At least, you will after you read the fic!

I'm Jack Daniels! I'm Bacardi! I'm Bailey's!

Generation X

Zombies: Four of the kids stranded in a no-win situation.
Zombies--Act Two: The continuation, wonderfully written by Maven Alysse.
Mommy Complex: Emma's having those damned maternal urges....
The Door Will Lock Behind You: Angelo's looking for a change.
A Bit of Naughty: Dealing with the teachers.
Al Anima Sola: Back in LA, and as usual, it's more trouble than it's worth.

Teensy Pieces

Enfant Terrible: School project, and Monet's got a baby!
Dear Paige: Ahh, the requisite sappy piece.
The Case of the Murdered Marty Sue: The "Kill Tristan Brawn" challenge. Deerstalker cap and Inverness cloak not included.

The Hama-MiST Series

No Hama, Please--I'm Jewish: My first MiST of the Larry Hama "Generation X" issues
Green Eggs and Hama: Sensing a pattern here?....
Hama 'Nother One--On Me: Co-written with L.P. McKee, this is the absolute last of the three.

I'm cool. Honest!

I'm Wild Turkey! I'm Glenfiddich! I'm...Midori. Sigh.

X-Men Fanfiction

Alpha: A moment of unquiet contemplation with Hank McCoy.
Meltdown: Alex and Logan on a road trip in Mexico, and things
My Time in Australia, by Alex Summers: Well, the title kind of explains it all, don't it?

Outside the Lines

Do You Remember?: For the "Three Words"/"Non-Gambit Gambit Fic" challenges.
Tin-Pan Mansion: For the "Food Challenge", with Bobby, Scott and Warren!
Damn Pink: Falstaff's "First Line" challenge, starring Scott Summers.
One More Time: The "Superstar" challenge. Marrow, meet Britney Spears!

Other Books

Payment: Like Constantine? Like Wisdom? Then you might like this.
Mysterious Ways: The crossover nobody asked for -- Hellblazer and Queer as Folk!
My Surface is My Mask: Oooooh, Maggie's playing in the Dracoverse!

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